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  • Odd search results


    We built a website for a client and integrated Zoom search into the site. The website is a Wordpress website and is essentially a PDF archive for a weekly newspaper. The issue we are having is that almost all search results are returning the 2014 issues, where there are issues as far back as 2008. I have gone through the User Guide and done my best to configure the indexing appropriately, however I am a little stuck.

    All of the PDF files had been created from original InDesign files and are indexable.

    The URL is any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    I had a look at your site.
    You seem to only have a small number of pages in the index. Maybe 50?

    Is the only way to view past issues from the drop down list on this page?

    Search engines typically only follow HTML links. And the links in your drop down are not HTML, they are generated by a user mouse selection and a form submission. So the engine can't follow them.

    Try adding some normal HTML links.
    e.g. at the bottom of the 2014 page add this code,
    <a href="/past-issues/?past-issue-year=2013">Prior year</a>


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      If the above doesn't solve it, next step would be to validate the HTML code on the /past-issues/ page. Your HTML isn't valid HTML at the moment.

      Then check the Zoom log to see what pages are found and indexed.


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        Thank you. I'll work on the suggestions you suggested. I appreciate it.