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404 error on search.cgi

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  • 404 error on search.cgi

    My search used to work just fine. I don't know what happened. Now, I get a 404 error when I execute

    I assume that "search.cgi" is trying to load "search_template.html"

    Apache will not allow me to load "search_template.html" from the cgi-bin directory.

    Can you tell me which directory I am supposed to put my "search_template.html" in?


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    It seems to be the access (or lack thereof) to the search.cgi file that is causing the 404 error. I don't think the problem has anything to do with the search_template.html file. You don't need external direct web access to the search_template.html file, because it is loaded up by the CGI.

    Is this on a Linux / Unix system? Did you check the file permissions on the .CGI file. Does it have execute permissions set?

    See also this FAQ page for troubleshooting the CGI installation.


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      Sorry! It was a stupid problem.

      Sorry! It was a stupid problem.

      I haven't been able to get Zoom's ftp to work(?), so I have been using Filezilla for the ftp upload.

      After digging around in everything under the sun -- all day long -- I finally discovered that Filezilla defaults ".cgi " files to a text transfer!

      I uploaded search.cgi in binary and it worked immediately.

      Thanks for your time,