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Publish new indexing options configuration

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  • Publish new indexing options configuration


    Could you point me in the direction of how i do this please?

    I have the Zoom search installed on an intranet site. Every day it re-indexes the site, as when new content is added, the search results find it the next day. The indexing mode is offline mode.

    On a different server there is the Zoom Search Engine Index which is loaded with a .zcfg file. In indexing options, meta description and meta keywords are unchecked and i want to check these and then publish the new config so it starts indexing by these meta tags.

    Could you tell me where it explains how to publish the revised config?

    Incidentally, where is the parameter for setting the automatic re-indexing every night? I have found the section on "Incremental Indexing" and 'updating an existing index' but i dont understand where that is specificied as a config paramter?

    Sorry ive just been passed this software and its completely new to me. I'm fairly sure that nothing has been published from the Engine Indexer in a long time but dont understand where its set to refresh the index every day. I dont want to break the search tool by publishing incorrectly.

    Many thanks

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    We don't know how the software was setup in your environment. So we can't give exact details.

    But is sounds like someone might have setup a scheduled indexing job.

    Scheduled or not, there is always going to be a config file (xxxxx.zcfg), which defined what site(s) to index and the search settings.

    Incremental indexing is separate from scheduling. You can do either, none or both.

    If you change the configuration (like by deciding to index extra types of content) then you need to initially do a full re-index with the new settings.

    To use new settings, all you do is save the setting to the config file. They will be picked up next time to run an indexing job.


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      Thanks i have now found a command line running a -update on the ZoomIndexer.exe. So it looks like the updates do in fact come from the engine indexer each evening.

      So from what you describe i think all i need to do is check the meta checkboxes in "Indexing Options" then press "Start Indexing Now".