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Adding Exact Phrase Match to Advanced Options ?

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  • Adding Exact Phrase Match to Advanced Options ?

    in the search form we'd like to add a radio button option beside Match options
    eg Match: O any search words O all search words O exact phrase
    so that if you enter fork lift truck into the search box, the " " are automatically added and the search is submitted as an exact match of the phrase "fork lift truck"
    we think this would be more user friendly than simply prompting the user to use " " themselves
    we're not PHP experts so any advice would be great

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    The double quotes behaviour is the same as what Google uses for an exact phase search. So a fair number of people are familiar with it.

    The problem with a radio button is that is excludes the possibility of doing more complex searches. For example you can't do this search with a button.

    "VBScript error" 800*

    In term of doing custom development there would be a couple of implementation options.

    1) You could be done via Javascript, so the quotes are added on just before the PHP script is called.

    2) It could be done in the PHP script

    But you need to take into account possible error cases. For example you probably don't want to be adding quotes to a search term that is already fully or partially in quotes (as nested quotes wouldn't be supported). Wild card characters in double quotes can also give unexpected results.


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      thanks - i guessed it wouldn't be straightforward

      we found people were searching for eg Beechwood Hospital and because there were so many different hospital pages it scored many pages and PDF documents featuring the word hospital above the main Beechwood Hospital page.

      i have been able to promote it using Weightings and have added an advisory note into the search page for users

      awesome product. thanks