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Indexing ASP.Net MVC Web Sites?

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  • Indexing ASP.Net MVC Web Sites?

    I am trying to integrate ZoomSearch V6 (hope to upgrade to V7 soon) into my ASP.Net MVC website and I was wondering how would I configure ZoomSearch to deal with the clean URLs that an MVC application creates? The site does not actually have any File.aspx URLS so setting up Extensions to scan will not work. I did notice the "Scan Files with No Extensions" option but since URLS don't even have filenames in them will that still work?

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    You don't need a file name, but it our opinion it makes sense to have one. Doesn't hurt to have a URL to a PDF end in something.pdf.

    If you don't have a file name then Zoom will fall back to using the MIME type / Content-Disposition values in the HTTP header. If these are also missing or wrong, then you'll often get strange behaviour. (e.g. .DOC files being treated as text files).


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      Documents like PDFs would have full file names but in ASP.Net MVC applications the way the routing system works to display html files is based off the URL and not specific file names. So if in a traditional site (way web forms) the URL would look like /Games/Items/Weapons.aspx but in MVC the URL to get to that same page would be /Games/Items/Weapons So you can see my confusion on indexing MVC sites.


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        that same page would be /Games/Items/Weapons
        This should be no problem.


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          Fantastic. Thank you very much.