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  • Combine search action / results

    Hi there!

    Before I purchache the zoom software I would like to know if something is possible.

    All our customer search data is divided over 3 systems.
    - Knowledge base
    - Tickets system
    - Help & Manuel Webhelp

    To help the customer to find the right information I want to have 1 search action and this search action must search through these 3 systems. When there are more search forms, customers lost focus and control.

    What I would like to make is a new web page where there is 1 search bar.
    the submit of this search bar has to search through these 3 systems.
    The KB & Tickets are from a database (sugar crm)
    The Webhelp is from Help & Manual.

    Is there a possebility to get this to work?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I know Zoom works OK with Help & Manual so that part should be OK.
    I don't have any experience with sugar CRM. If it is like most CRM tools, it will have some type of search function built into it already? So you need to decide if you want to use the existing search function or layer something new on top.

    We index and search our own ticketing system (based on Cerberus Helpdesk), but this took a bit of mucking around because it make very heavy use of Javascript, which is never search engine friendly.

    What you can do with Zoom is get the results back in XML format. So potentially you could write a script to issue multiple searches and combine the results.

    There is also the free open source MasterNode product, it is kind of close to what you might need, but would need customization.

    In the end you have a fairly unique situation and combination of products, so it is going to take some experimentation and probably customization to make it all work together.


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      Its not that often I reply to threads in this forum as most of the things that can be said about ZOOM have probably been said and the reference to MasterNode got my attention as I'm working on a 12 node MasterNode driven project as we speak (its a most interesting piece of work without going into the detail).

      From my own experience with ZOOM the answer to your question is a definite maybe but it depends on how your three systems are accessed. Webhelp is probably a given. The question then is how your KB and CRM are accessed. In its simplest form if they are browseable from a given starting point then ZOOM may handle it. Knowing a little bit about Sugar I think its unlikely out of the box that ZOOM may be able to do this but I wouldn't give up just yet.

      The other question I have before I can offer some more advice is to what extent do you want users to be able search content in your KB and CRM - is it all of it or part of it. For example ZOOM does not security trim so you may expose parts of your CRM and/or KB to users that they would not normally see some things.