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Can a search for "and" also find "&"?

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  • Can a search for "and" also find "&"?

    If this is the search term: land and sea

    Is it possible for Zoom to find: land & sea ( where & is actually & )?

    I've tried using a Synonym in the indexer where the Word was "and" and the synonyms are & and &. No joy. I also tried ticking Ampersand under Indexing Word Rules as an outside bet, not joy either.

    I realise the "and" word in searches is likely a reserved word but is there a workaround?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you search for land & sea, then the & should be ignored. And it should be the same as a search for, land sea.
    So it should just work, as a search for, land sea, should match a page which has the phrase land and sea on it.