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How to specify mime types?

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  • How to specify mime types?

    I am using the server for a site that has videos. Some browsers are interpreting them as plain text and so they won't play. I saw the post about an undocumented mime type setting for the config file, but it is not working for me. Is there another (or correct) way to set the mime types?

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    Edit the file mime.types file and do the following:
    Find this line.

    audio/midi mid midi kar

    Remove the mid so it looks like this:

    audio/midi midi kar

    Now, add the following line to the file.

    audio/x-midi mid
    If you ever need to add a new MIME type to your server, this is how you do it. Look over the mime.types file to see all of the MIME types your server supports.


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      I did your instruction it didnt work.


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        PlayerUp, please, write more details.


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          What format (and file extensions) are the video files?

          The above type was for audio / MIDI files. Some examples of video formats would be "video/mp4", "video/ogg", etc.
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