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Problem with flying ant and Safari 5.1.1 on a Mac

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  • Problem with flying ant and Safari 5.1.1 on a Mac

    We are running a licensed version of Flying Ant for a CD-ROM release for an html-based Mac and PC elearning programme. It works fine with the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome but runs incredibly slowly, frequently not loading the complete page before giving up in Safari 5.1.1.

    If I just load the course without FlyingAnt it is fast and doesn't cause any problem. However, we need it running with a web server for a number of reasons including the embedding of flash pieces and video. So we can't just not use it for this browser.

    Is anyone else aware of this issue and having problems? Are there any fixes or updates anyone is aware of that we can look to implement?

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    What hardware is in the box?
    Does it run significantly faster for example if you run it from a USB drive rather than a CD?

    From FlyingAnt's point of view it treats all browsers the same way. Nothing special is done for Safari.