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flying ant/ zoom search /robohelp does not work

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  • flying ant/ zoom search /robohelp does not work

    I'm testing robohelp/zoomsearch/flyingant to see if this is a good alternative for the build in robohelp 8 search (which frankly isnt that good).

    I really like what zoomsearch can offer, and have made a small trial project using the free versions.

    However, when I try to open the generated webhelp project (robohelp -> html ) firefox gets in an endless loop, and keeps reloading the pages.
    If I open the pages directly (as file:// ) or access them through an apache webserver everything works fine.

    I can present the webhelp and flying ant pages as a zip file if anyone is interested .

    The problem seems to stem from some .js files in robohelp
    The main page loads three .js files, each set a flag, and if not all 3 flags are set, the main page gets reloaded.
    this trick works fine if I access the main page directly (file: uri) or if I upload the project to an apache webserver.

    Any ideas why the flyingant webserver does not handle this correctly ?
    (and what I can do to fix it )

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    You might want to have a look at Help and Manual as an alternative to Robohelp. H&M has a very of Zoom built into it and has been tested with Zoom.

    Maybe the problem is to do with the load order. That is to say if the JS code in the main function gets executed before the three sub-files get loaded and executed the page reloads. In which case it would be a bug in the Robohelp's JS code.


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      Hi gerhard

      Have you examined my fellow Adobe Community Professional Peter Grainge's web site?

      Cheers... Rick