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Avoid windows security messages...

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  • Avoid windows security messages...

    Dear All,

    I'm really interested in your product, I'm developing a Jquery application to distribute on CD and I would like to use FlyingAnt to run it.

    My question is: on Windows environments running FlyingAnt Demo I receive 2 security alerts because the application is "unsigned". When I buy your software and I use a licensed version do I still receive the message?

    Thank you very much for support.
    Fabio Beoni.

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    Signing warning should only occur for files you have downloaded. If the file arrives via a CD and is executed on a CD, then you should not see this warning.


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      Thank you for support,

      I tried copying the files in the CD-Rom, and run it... but I still receive the security alert.

      My OS is Win Vista.


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        The problem is that, when you download any of the files from the internet, using internet explorer, it gets tagged with metadata in alternate data stream, and says what IE Security zone did it came from. and even though, when you are running it from the local file system, windows remembers that it came from the internet.

        Easiest way is to remove the zone information using the file Properties. Before you extract the zip file, Right-click on the file, select Properties tab. Click on the un-block button to remove the alternate data stream – Security zone information.


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          Avoid windows security messages... [solved]

          It works fine.

          Thank you very much, regards.