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Error when running server on Mac OSX

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  • Error when running server on Mac OSX

    I created my CD as per the instructions on your website - and sent it to a friend who has an iMac. When he tries to run the "Start Mac OSX" he gets the below error:

    Could not run script because of a program error

    Can you advise me why he would be getting this error? I am a PC user so I am not overly familiar with Macs.

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    What version of Zoom are you using?
    What type of Mac is it (the Intel type of PowerPC type)?


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      All specs are below. I am not using zoom at all (no search function required) - just the latest Flying Ant product (downloaded yesterday).

      I got my friend to burn the standard ISO file you provide for testing purposes, and he also got this message:

      Failed to Connect.
      Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost:8091.
      Though the site seems valid, the browser was unable to establish a connection.


      OSX. 10.5.6
      Firefox - Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.5; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009042315 Firefox/3.0.10 Adobe Flash player 10.


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        If the server is not running, then is it normal that you get an error about not being able to connect to it. The interesting error is the other "43" error. Did you also see that error with the ISO image?

        If there server was in fact running, then it might be a firewall issue. Is there any special "security" software running on this Mac?


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          Error 43 seems to be an error from the Operating systems complaining that a file or folder is missing. This might indicate the the Applescript script that starts the server is referencing files that aren't there. i.e. maybe you have files in the wrong folder?


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            There is no additional security software that he has installed other than what came on the computer itself. He has it attached to a network though so I am not sure if that affects anything.

            When attempting to run the server CD I created (not your sample) he only got the error 43 message - not the second localhost message. He got the local host message when trying to run your sample ISO.

            I added additional files under the "Website" directory for my website I am running, but the Start MAC OS app should only be trying to access the index.html sitting under the Website directory, which I did not move from where your sample had it originally. It is strange that he is getting two different error messages in that case though.

            I am not sure where to go from here...? Any suggestions?


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              Having a network connection won't effect anything.
              Did you also see the 43 error with the ISO image?
              Did you exactly follow the CD burning steps here. As it is somewhat complex to get a CD working across Mac, Windows and Linux with the correct file permissions. (and the 43 error can also be associated with lack of file permissions).


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                When my friend burned the ISO from your site he only got the localhost problem.

                The Error 43 was only when I created the ISO from the webserver CD I created.

                Yes I followed the instructions on that page (including downloading, installing and using the mkisofs program) - I put the script into a shortcut - my script looks like this:

                C:\temp\mkisofs.exe -V "Ebooks CD" -J -r -o ebook.iso "C:\CD\."