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Better Wordpress integration please

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  • Better Wordpress integration please

    Please consider better integration with Wordpress. Other improved search plugins have 80,000+ installs, but none are better than the Zoom search. It would be great to see:
    1. A Wordpress plugin that does the indexing (ie a Linux indexer for a single website without the price tag of the server edition)
    2. The plugin should offer an integrated template (or a shortcode).
    3. Personally I need an option to index PDFs that link to page to which the PDF is attached (ie rewrites in which the parent page name is quite different to the PDF name).
    4. Options to schedule indexing, file types and various page selection filters.

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    There is page here that describes how to add Zoom Search to a Wordpress site.
    It isn't that hard.

    Our indexer is written in C++ and supports indexing millions of pages.
    C++ native code gives around 10x the performance of PHP and with much lower memory usage. Typical Wordpess hosting solutions don't allow running native code, and don't allow significant use of the CPU nor the RAM. So having the indexer work inside of Wordpress isn't going to happen without a total rewrite, and even then it would only support the small sites. So it will remain a separate app.

    Point 3) and 4) aren't really a Wordpress issue. There are already options to schedule indexing and select file types, etc... in the indexer.

    For point 3, Zoom also has a rewrite links option (in the indexing options window). So this might solve the problem. But you could also probably do this via a .htaccess file on your server, as any solution in Zoom isn't going to fix the problem for regular users with a browser.