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Feature suggestion: XML comment tags in .desc files

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  • Feature suggestion: XML comment tags in .desc files

    I have a use case for a .desc file "template" distributed to end-users of Zoom search results, to be copied and completed by end-users and returned to me for files that are known to exist but not currently found in Zoom search results because they cannot be indexed directly for various reasons.

    I would like to provide instructions enclosed in XML comment tags directly in the .desc file, but naturally would not want Zoom to index the comments.


    <title>See instructions</title>
    <meta name="description" content="See instructions">
    <meta name="ZOOMWORDS" content="keyword1, keyword2, keyword3">

    1. Copy the proxy description template file and redact the file name to exactly match the actual target file to be indexed.

    2. Complete the proxy file tags as follows:
    TITLE: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
    DESCRIPTION: Suspendisse ante nisi, condimentum eget molestie at, elementum quis diam.
    ZOOMWORDS: Morbi semper, erat nec dapibus vulputate, nulla elit accumsan mauris, vitae pulvinar mauris mauris ut tellus.

    3. Send the completed .desc file to abc@defgh.

    Would you consider this for a future Zoom version?

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    I suspect HTML style comments are already ignored in XML .desc files.
    Let me check.


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      Only recognizable meta tags should be retrieved from .DESC files. So your use case above should not be a problem.
      Let us know if there's a specific scenario or configuration that isn't working as expected.
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      Sydney, Australia
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        Thanks for the info.