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File Extension Icon Path in version 8

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  • File Extension Icon Path in version 8

    Has the functionality for configuring icon images for file extensions changed in version 8 ? The relative paths are no longer working. I note the user guide for version 8 now expressly says to use a 'full URL'.
    We run an intranet and extranet version of our site and linking to one full URL would not be possible. To continue to associate an icon to file extensions which is a very useful feature, we will have to maintain multiple .ZCFG files.
    Could you tell me if there is a way round this ?
    Many thanks

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    No, it wasn't changes in V8.
    It should still work.
    Can you provide some more details. e.g. screen shots of the config and the broken path on the web site.


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      Thanks David. I have sent you an email with all of the information


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        The response I got from the team suggest that relative paths for the icon no longer work and they have to be absolute.


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          I have managed to fix this now... previously the link to the image which is in the 'search' folder didn't need a '/' in front of it but adding this has resolved the issue.