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Zoom V7 Release - Features and upgrade details

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  • Zoom V7 Release - Features and upgrade details

    Zoom V7 is now available

    After what seems like an eternity in development we are pleased to be able to release V7 of the Zoom Search software. It is by far the most ambitious release of Zoom we have ever done. Not only have we ported the software to Mac and Linux, but we have added a host of new features, improved performance, add new file types and restructured the software by splitting the user interface from the indexing engine. This was done at a time when several of our competitors have folded and gone under.

    The new features include,

    • Cross platform: Linux, Mac and Windows are all now supported. System requirements for each platform can be found here. The Linux version has a PHP based user interface, making the solution more suitable for cloud installs.
    • Autocomplete search box: As you type in the search box, suggestions based on popular searches will appear to autocomplete the query ("Configure"->"Autocomplete")
    • Date range searching: You can now specify a date range at search time with a dropdown date selection box. ("Configure"->"Search Page"->"Enable Date Range searching"). You'll also need the data picker Javascript for this.
    • Improved ASP.NET Server Control supporting postbacks and viewstates for easy integration of Zoom into your ASP.NET site.
    • Email file formats now supported (.PST, .MBOX, .DBX, .EML, .MSG). Useful for Intranet search engines.
    • URL indexing: Now indexing the URL (domain name) and the path (folder names) in the URL. ("Configure"->"Indexing options")
    • Search by site: Now supporting "site:" and "url:" search syntax, e.g. a search for "beagle" will search for all beagles on the domain only.
    • Domain diversity: Ensure the first 3 results come from different domains ("Configure"->"Search Page"). Useful for search engines indexing more than one site.
    • Scan files with unknown extensions: Analyzes files of unrecognizable file extensions to determine how to index them. Useful on "deep searching" external web sites.
    • Performance improvements
    • Integrated plugins, no separate download is needed to deal with the common file types.
    • Bug fixes, of course

    The Windows, Mac and Linux downloads can be found on the download's page.

    Free Upgrades
    If you purchased Zoom in the last 6 months (on or after, the 30th of Oct 2013), you are eligible for a free upgrade. Click here to get a new license key.

    Paid for Upgrades
    Registered users of older versions of Zoom Search Engine (from Version 3.0 to 6.0) can upgrade to V7.0 at a discounted price. Each of the Windows, Mac & Linux releases are considered separate products. License keys for one platform will not work on a different platform. However existing customer can now choose which platform they wish to upgrade their previous version to. So you can for example, upgrade from Win V6, to Mac V7.
    Click here for the upgrade page.

    Annual fees
    As with past releases, there aren't any.

    Different Editions
    Compared to V6, we have reduced the number of different editions. Previously in V6 there was the Free, Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions. We have dropped the Standard edition, to leave us with the Free, Pro and Enterprise editions. We did this because it was just getting too complex with the addition of the Mac and Linux releases. Existing customers with the Standard edition will be upgraded to the Pro edition (see above).

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    Well done. Looking forward to exploring the new features and updating my website to make the best use of them.
    Mark Gallagher


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      That'S Interesting. I must say the truth . I came to this forum looking for general information about the sem and I discovered the existence of search zoom which I find amazing , try now! I would love a guide in Italian : D


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        I would also love guide in Dutch


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          Just spotted the latest build adding the support for the HTML5 semantic tags like <nav>. A very nice new feature and timely for me since I've just been through the process of adding those to my site and the templates for the documents on the site. Many thanks.
          Mark Gallagher