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A couple of general questions

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    We made some changes to the auto-complete drop down screen positioning in V8 of the software.
    There should be no need to edit the JS script. But some investigation would be required to figure out why the URL isn't being set correctly (but we no longer support the old V7 release you are using).

    To have a custom JS script, you should be able to edit the source file. This is normally installed here.
    C:\ProgramData\Wrensoft\Zoom Search Engine Indexer V8\extras\zoom_autocomplete.js


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      Thank you David,

      I manually edited the zoom_autocomplete.js source file and the autocomplete now shows up correctly after indexing.
      I am assuming this means the same hard coded changes will be loaded into every other site that is indexed by Zoom, correct?

      Is there any way to skip uploading the zoom_autocomplete.js file at the end of the indexing?
      (I don't think it changes, does it?)

      That way I could go back to the original file in the source and also would not have to worry about it being overwritten every time the site gets indexed.



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        If you are using automatic FTP uploading then the JS file is uploaded each time. Even if it is the same file as what is already on the server (which it will be most of the time, unless you update the version of Zoom).


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          OK, thanks.
          I will have to think about this a bit more ... but at least the AC works on one site for now LOL