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Problem with shmop_open() function

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  • Problem with shmop_open() function

    Hello !

    When running ZoomIndexer offline on Debian/Stretch, I come across the following error :
    E_WARNING: shmop_open(): unable to attach or create shared memory segment 'No such file or directory'
    originating in file get_zoom_log.php, line 14.

    Strangely enough, this error happens at the 4th call of that function (with the same value of argument $MappedLogBufferKey). The 3 first calls are ok.

    In the resulting log is a long list of the same errors :
    [PDF plugin error] Error while converting PDF file. Exit code: 126
    [Image plugin error] Error while converting EXIF file (error code: 32256)

    Could you please help ?

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    Your installation is missing the ".ZoomLogBuffer" file in the same folder.

    As it is a dot prefix filename, it is typically hidden from "ls" and default "cp" commands. So if you had manually copied the program around, you may have missed these critical files that would've been retained if unzipped from the original package correctly.

    This file also needs to have the appropriate file permissions described in "Readme.txt"

    To ensure that you are not missing other files from the install, I would suggest unzipping from the original package again and following the installation instructions carefully. Otherwise you can try to double check all the files described in "Readme.txt".

    The plugin errors also suggest something is likely wrong with the installation -- either plugin files are missing, or there's a problem with file permissions on particular files or folders.

    Hope that helps.
    Wrensoft Web Software
    Sydney, Australia
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      Thank you Ray, it was simply a question of file permissions.
      Since it works now, I am going to order the Pro version.