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URL's in Search Results

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  • David
    Zoom strips off all HTML markup when indexing the words on a page or in a document.

    So font faces, font sizes, bolding, indents, bullet points, margins, links, Javascript, HTML comments, frames, boarders, etc.. are all stripped away as the words are indexed.

    Only the words are indexed. So any information about formatting or links is lost & can not be displayed in the search results.

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  • sheimdal
    started a topic URL's in Search Results

    URL's in Search Results

    Hi All,

    A useful feature for us is related to the actual search results.

    When you input a search term you are presented with a list of "page" of search results. The results show the actual search term in the context of that page and the term is highlighted by some color (default: yellow)

    But that term being shown and highlighted can be either plain text or a text URL link in the actual page.

    But ZOOM does not differentiate; all highlighted links are presented as plain text even if the actual text on the page is a URL link.

    A very useful feature would to provide plain text in one color and a URL in a different color with the ability to link directly to that URL.

    We've been looking but it doesn't seem that this is available. We could sure use it in our application.

    We've set up a "Wikiportal" specific to our industry available at;

    Extended information not provided by the menu interface is handled through the ZOOM Search Engine at;

    We would appreciate any help you could provide.