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ZOOMPAGEBOOST appears to not work anymore

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  • ZOOMPAGEBOOST appears to not work anymore

    We had been using Zoom for about a year now with some pages using ZOOMPAGEBOOST. It was working fine, but we just noticed that those pages are not being driven towards the top of our searches anymore. The only thing that has changed was installing V7. But we have not started to use it yet, so we are still on V6 for the site in question. Not configuration changes have been made since the initial launch of using Zoom.

    Testing on our staging gives the same results. And decreasing the boost on title, keywords and descriptions have no effect.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    To help debug it turn on the display of the "Score" in the "Results layout".
    Then see if the score changes as you change the boost value. Note that you have to re-index for the new boost values to take effect.

    Note that using the boost values doesn't force a page to the top of the results (use recommended links for that). Boost just increases the score, which might or might not move it to the top of the list. It depends on the relevancy of the other search results to the search terms.


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      Have verified that ZOOMPAGEBOOST is working fine in latest release of V7 with PHP.

      Which script platform are you using: PHP, ASP, CGI, etc.?

      Also, are you using all the newly generated search files from V7? As in, all the files listed at the end of indexing in the "Required Files" window. Or are you mixing files from V6 with V7? (e.g. using the "search.php" file from V6 with your V7 index files).

      But yes, definitely check the Score first, as it should reflect the changes.
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