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Symbols within search results

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  • Symbols within search results

    I am indexing pdf documents, most of my documents contain "degree" symbols and "plus or minus" signs, these are showing up as question marks within my search results, is there anyway to fix this. I'm using V6.

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    What character set / encoding are you using? Check what is selected in Zoom under "Configure"->"Languages". Also check the meta charset specified on your search_template.html page.

    We think most characters should show up fine if you have Unicode (UTF- selected in the above. But let us know if otherwise. Can you also give us a URL to your search page and the files in question.
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      Unicode (UTF-8 encoding) is selected under Language.

      Also, charset=UTF-8 is specified on the search_template.

      I can't supply a link to the URL, it's is an intranet and the documents are proprietary.

      I tried again this morning using V7 on my Mac and am experiencing the same results. So far it's the ,, and Ω symbols that are coming up as a ? within a black diamond.

      Thanks for your help.