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Limits for pro version

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  • Limits for pro version

    I have just purchased the pro version (version 6.0 build 102, where the limits are specified as being none for the file size and 500,000 unique words. I am running CD/DVD mode and have W7/64 with 16GB ram. When I run the indexer, it says "maximum file size limit exceeded" for 13 Acrobat files and "maximum number of unique words limit of 50000 has been reached," i.e. 1/10 of what I expected. Could you explain?

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    The Limits are specified in the Indexer, under "Configure"->"Limits".

    With Professional and Enterprise, you can change these limits to suit. If you have not changed these values then they will be at their default values.

    You should specify a maximum that suits what you need for that particular index job. Increasing the limits will increase memory usage.
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      Thanks. I twigged that shortly after I posted. A case of RTFM, I think!

      Originally posted by Ray View Post
      The Limits are specified in the Indexer, under "Configure"->"Limits".