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  • All Content Not Being Indexed for search

    Obviously I am doing something wrong. Updated a number of pages and ran new search indexer. Uploaded all new pages and new search index pages. BUT when I try and search for specific words Bavaria Collection for example I get no search results.

    New Page which I can only find by using the heading for the page not the individual products.

    Other sites I have used Zoom Search on appear to find content within the page. Tried to check to see what I might be doing differently but I've looked so much I'm not seeing anything now.


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    I definitely understand that feeling of having looked at something for so long that you can't even see it any more.

    I think the problem there is the placement of the ZOOMSTOP and ZOOMRESTART tags.

    If you look at the HTML source of that page, you will see there's two pairs of ZOOMSTOP/ZOOMRESTART tags. The second pair is around the footer within the <div id="footer-content">...</div> block, which is fine.

    The first pair however starts at:
    <div id="container-content">

    which is then followed by the top navigation menu items. However, the corresponding <!--ZOOMRESTART--> tag is not found until AFTER the <div id="content-right"> ... </div> section, which contains the page content ("Bavaria Collection", etc.). So all this content got excluded.

    The <!--ZOOMRESTART--> tag should be moved to somewhere before the content begins, and after the top navigation items.

    Let us know if you still have trouble.
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      THANK YOU!! You have saved my sanity and it now works perfectly. Great product.