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Not indexing html or php

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  • Not indexing html or php

    Just today Zoom is refusing to index html or php files. It is happily indexing PDF and docs. I have gone through the configuration three times - all those files are ticked. And it's not reaching the maximum file number. Why would it change the way it indexes?

    I have been through
    Q. Why are some of my pages being skipped in the indexer?
    Q. I am indexing my website with the spider mode but it is not finding all of the pages on my site

    and none of it applies here.

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    There are lots of possibilities. Could be that you have no links to the files, could be that you have filtering setup, could be a robots.txt file on your site, or man other reasons.

    To start with can you check in the Zoom log and see if the files in question where,
    A) Found then skipped for some reason.
    B) Not found at all.

    The log might also tell you the reason the files were skipped.

    If you still don't see anything turn on logging to a file from the configuration window and send us the log.


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      Just looking at this problem again (clearly it didn't bother me a lot - left it for 3 months).

      I can see now that it is indexing some html and php files. But the file I use to test each search update, the file I update most often in the site so it's a good test, it doesn't seem to notice. That file is announcements/announcements.html. I just reindexed today then did a search for "Men's Health" but nada. I will attach the log file and would appreciate some advice.

      <later> can't see where to attach file so will send support ticket. Thanks.