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Choosing Pages to be included in Scan

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  • Choosing Pages to be included in Scan

    I work for a small company who wants to implement a search engine on our website. Most of our visitors come to site looking to team up with us on upcoming projects based on profile pages of past projects.

    What the company wants is to have a search engine that only includes all of the profile pages as well as the areas of service that we provide in the search results page based on keywords assigned to the pages or actual text on the page. All of the pages, like the about us page, news page, contact page will not show up in the search results page.

    In Zoom Search Engine V6 in Professional or Enterprise edition can I do this where I tell it to only go out to the site and scan certain pages and ignore other pages like the news page. So that visitors can only see the project profile pages, service area pages within the search results.

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    Yes, there are lots of ways this can be done.

    Four simple ones are,

    1) Using a robots.txt file
    2) Using the page and folder skip list in the Zoom configuration
    3) Using noindex meta tags on the page.
    <meta name="robots" content="noindex">
    4) Using the 'base URL' to filter files (e.g. limit indexing to a folder or sub-domain)


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      Thank you for the options.