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Automatically link to Search Result if only one Result Found

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  • Automatically link to Search Result if only one Result Found

    Is there a way to have the search engine automatically follow the link to the search result if only one result is found?

    I would find this incredibly useful.

    Thank-you for your input!

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    There is no built in feature for this.
    You would need to write some custom code to support it.

    I also don't think it would be as useful as expected. People typically expect Google like behaviour when doing a search. Doing a search and not ending up with a list of search results might confuse people.


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      I personally also think that it's more confusing than helpful. There are very few sites that do this, and when they do, I would often wonder if (a) I clicked on the wrong button or link (and got taken to a page instead of successfully hitting the search button), or (b) if the search feature is broken and will always takes me to the same page, and so I would go back and resubmit the search and try a few things before determining and trusting that the search engine really is taking me to an appropriate page.
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        Point taken .. thank-you for your input