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  • not finding all matches


    I've got a PHP site that's mostly indexing correctly, but some of the links aren't displaying on the results page.

    For example, I have a news section and an events section. Both sections have an index page that list the newest 10 or so items. I can click on any of those and go to a details page to show all the info for that news item or event.

    Zoom is correctly indexing the events in that it shows links for both the index and details pages, but for the news page it's only showing the link for the index page.

    My limits seem okay...1342 pages and my limit is set to 5000 pages, etc.

    What am I missing?

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    Okay. Never mind. Not sure why, but re-indexing a fifth time seems to have fixed this.


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      If you continue to have problems see these FAQ to start with,
      Q. Why are some of my pages being skipped by the indexer?

      Q. Why are links in my Javascript menus being skipped?

      Q. I am indexing with spider mode but it is not finding all the pages on my web site