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Thumbnails Not Displaying

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  • Thumbnails Not Displaying

    Hi. I'm not sure what I've missed. My search results display a small line where the thumbnail should be. My thumbnails reside in a folder in the directory that holds zoom and I have tried it in the directory level above that. Thumbnail file names are numbers that match original display image names and associated text. I upload my site files to www/html and zoom resides in www/html/html
    Can anyone please tell me why they don't display? an example results page link below. m_and=0&zoom_sort=0
    look forward to some suggestions.
    Ron Smith

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    I had a look at your site.

    For this page,
    you have setup thumbnails to be at, for example, this URL,

    But there is no JPG file at this URL. It is just a broken link.
    So you get no thumbnail image.

    So you either need to move the images into this thumbnails folder. Or change the Zoom configuration to point to wherever the images really are.