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  • timezone offline mode

    I use off line mode and php script..

    I have a problem with the date in the result search

    My timezone is in Rome,London etc...

    in the search resoult i have 1 day before display in the meta description of the date/time

    example the file is 3.pdf and the modify date is 06/05/2010

    in the search resoult i have

    1. 3.pdf ......
    Match term 1 - "05 May 2010" - 32K ....etc

    What I can do to FIX this?! and is possible to index the creation date and not the modify date of the file?

    thanks a lot

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    Aren't Rome and London in different time zones?

    What is the exact date and time on the file in question.

    What is the time zone on the PC being indexed at the time of indexing?

    For the web server you are runnig the search, what time zone is it set to. (for example, are you indexing files created in Rome, while in the London time zone, and running the search on a web server hosted in the USA).


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      Ok i can FIx this... my server is out of date...

      IS it possible to display the creation date istead of the modify date?



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        No, it is hard coded to pick up the last modify date.