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  • Highlighting quirk

    Sometimes when a search term is highlighted in the destination page, it messes up the formatting. It seems to only happen with * wildcard searches and numbers.

    Go to (URL REMOVED)
    Search for 257* and follow the link.
    On the destination page, the text including eunuchoidism, testicular hypogonadism is in red but it's supposed to be black.

    If I remove the ?zoom_highlight=257* from the end of the URL the highlighting disappears and the font color returns to normal.

    Interestingly, if I search using 257.* I see properly formatted text but no search term highlighting.

    If I search using 257.8 both the search term highlighting and the font color are correct.

    I haven't noticed this occurring with searches where I use text and the asterisk wildcard. Only with numbers.

    Any solution for this?


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    Just to clarify the situation for anyone else reading this: this is in regards to the "Jump to Highlighting" script, and not the highlighting on the search results page.

    Also, it appears to only happen in Firefox and not in Internet Explorer.

    Andrew - you appear to be using an older version of the "highlight.js" script from V5 of the software. You should update this to the latest highlight.js script that comes with V6 of the software. The implementation was revised so its likely to behave differently. Let us know if it still happens with the V6 script.
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      Thanks Ray. I'll check this out and get back to you.