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synonyms feature request for v6

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  • synonyms feature request for v6

    Hi, is there any talk of adding UTF-16 charsets to v6 in the near future? How hard/time consuming would it be to add it as an option under languages?

    The asian languages, like Korean, and Chinese are not fully supported as of today, and it would be wonderful to see that charset as a valid/supported option under the languages.

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    Here is a screenshot of what happens when you try to save a UTF-16 file as UTF-8, and import it into the synonyms. (this is Korean)


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      I think the file you are importing from may have been incorrectly saved. What program are you using to save your file in UTF-8?

      You should be able to just load the UTF-16 file in Notepad, click on "File"->"Save as" and change the Encoding dropdown box to "UTF-8".

      And as explained here, you should make sure you have "Use Unicode (UTF-8 encoding)" selected on the "Languages" panel of the Configure tab in Zoom. If you have a different encoding selected, then it won't work.

      This works fine for us:

      If you continue to have trouble, e-mail us a copy of the file you are trying to import. And tell us what version of Windows you are using, and how you are saving the file.
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