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substring and stemming problem

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  • substring and stemming problem

    hi, i would like to know what is the different between substring and stemming ??

    because i unchecked the subtring, only checked the's no working like searching the word "fish" will match "fishes", "fishing", "fished", "goldfishes", etc.

    And the highlight of result...only the title will show like this
    "goldfishes" (red color represent highlight)
    but the word in the content will show like this "goldfishes" (this case is substring only or both substring & stemming)

    but i want to be highlighted the word what i inputed only, even chinese and english

    Is that normal? or some kind of bugs??

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    Stemming is not the same as Substring match. And it is not supported for Chinese because there is no such thing as plural/singular form of words in the Chinese language.

    Here is an explanation of the Stemming feature in Zoom:

    Note that stemming allows you to search for "fished" and get "fishing". You can't achieve this with substring match (which I repeat again, is not designed for use with the English language).

    It should never match "goldfishes". Your understanding of stemming is incorrect. "Goldfish" is not a variation of the word "fish".

    We never designed both of these features to be enabled at the same time, because stemming is not suited to asian languages, and substring is only designed for asian languages.

    If you want to offer linguistic optimizations for both languages, your best bet would be to split up your search function into two; so that you have a separate search index for Chinese (with substring matching enabled), and one for English (with stemming enabled).
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