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  • Modifying search results

    I've greatly enjoyed using your SE software. It's created a great product for me. I've got two popular requests that I'd like to fulfill if possible.

    1) Can I add google's page rank to each results. I assume I need to add a script for that.

    2) My search engine is a result of spidering many websites. Can I limit the search results so the user only get one result from each domain? Sometimes the top 10 results are all from one site which I'd like to avoid.

    Additional info: I run the Professional edition and host on Apache servers.

    I greatly appreciate any help or just pointing me in the right direction


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    1) I don't know if Google publicizes a way to retrieve their Page Ranks. I believe they do not officially provide an API for it, and third-party sites are merely imitating the behaviour of the Google toolbar or similar. There may be legal conditions here, not to mention that Google can change the behaviour at any point and break all of the existing third party scripts that use this.

    So it is not something we plan to implement given the above issues, and also the fact that it offers limited usage, and there's a lack of demand.

    2) You can change the weighting given to each start point / domain so that certain "content heavy" sites don't swamp the results (by decreasing their weighting). Click on the "More" button, select the start point, and click "Edit". There is a "Weight" drop-down. You can also specify this through the text file when importing a list of domains. More information in the Users Guide.

    You can also use Categories to allow the user to limit their searches to particular domains at search time.
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