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Undefined Variable STR_RECOMMENDED

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  • Undefined Variable STR_RECOMMENDED

    My search results is displaying this message on pages with Recommended Links:

    Notice: Undefined variable: STR_RECOMMENDED in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\search\search.php on line 1106
    Display_errors is turned on in my php.ini for troubleshooting.

    STR_RECOMMENDED is present in the English data file.

    The recommended links themselves are appearing correctly; however, the tag line "Recommended Links" is not being displayed in the recommend block as shown in the zoom manual.
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    Have you manually edited the search.php file or the settings.php file or any of the Zoom language files?
    What language selection have you made in the Zoom configuration window?


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      I am starting from a clean install with no manual editing of any file. I am using zoom on a firm intranet using http://servername as the url.

      I could not find a recommended link on your file to see how your install works.


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        This variable should be in the settings.php file. Here is an extract from the file.

        $STR_DIDYOUMEAN = "Did you mean:";
        $STR_OR = "or";
        $STR_RECOMMENDED = "Recommended links";
        $STR_SORTEDBY_RELEVANCE = "Sorted by relevance";
        $STR_SORTBY_RELEVANCE = "Sort by relevance";

        Can you check the content of the file on your system. But don't manually edit the file or add to the file.


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          Yes, the variable exists in both settings.php and English.zlang.


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            We have confirmed that this is a bug in the current release. It will be fixed for the next release (V6.0 build 100. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
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