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Zoom 5 to 6 = PHP 4 to 5

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  • Zoom 5 to 6 = PHP 4 to 5

    I've noted several threads on the pain of Zoom6 needing PHP5.

    One key thing that needs to be said is any existing searches built with Zoom5 will continue running after a server is upgraded from PHP4 to PHP5. So the PHP upgrade is not a pinch point where you need to suddenly have to frantically update all your searches from Zoom 5 to 6 on the same day.

    Those stuck with providers who won't provide PHP5 need to start making rude noises to their providers about security issues and taking their business elsewhere. As of this year PHP4 is no longer being maintained for bug and security fixes, whereas PHP5 is already 4 years old and is covered by ongoing bug and security fixes when necessary.
    Mark Gallagher

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    Yes, but none the less we have had about 10 people contact us in the last couple of weeks about PHP4 now. So to avoid grief we are going to make an attempt to support PHP4 again. This will probalby happen around the end of the month.


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      You guys are just too nice to us...
      [having played with the script you folks provided for processing the log files I was already very happy]

      Well, being a equal glutton for punishment, I shall still forge ahead. Over Christmas I test Zoom6 on a system at home and got it working as required.

      Now I have to engage with internal IT who look after an internal backup server in Dresden and outsourced IT who look after the public facing server in New York to get both shifted from PHP4 to PHP5.

      My concern was that I have a large number of instances of Zoom searches (around 30), each supporting different language and product areas of the site. So knowing that they would continue running whilst I replaced them one by one with the Zoom6 versions was important [in fact some of the dustier corners of the site may now be left on the Zoom5 version until it ever becomes necessary to update their index files].

      I also renamed all the Zoom5 configuration files to .zcf5 and set it so that they cause Zoom5 to be launched while .zcfg files launch Zoom6. So I now have both running on the machine from which I index without a problem.
      Mark Gallagher


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        Originally posted by sizbut View Post
        You guys are just too nice to us...
        I agree, and congratulate the Wrensoft team, but many developers are now withdrawing PHP4 support for their products. We are one of the customers still running PHP4 but hope to upgrade our server soon.

        One reason that some ISP's are not upgrading could be one of cost -v- contract terms with the likes of Red Hat.

        Our 'managed' server runs Red Hat ES4 and if we upgrade just PHP and MySQL then we lose all tech support and we would have to fix any software and hardware issues. The only option is to upgrade to ES5 which our ISP will charge us the hourly rate for.

        The ISP's also use the argument that if they upgrade shared servers then some customers scripts may not work. Some ISP's will have separate servers running PHP4 and PHP5 and can offer customers the option to be moved to a different server. This allows them flexibility with minimal cost.

        Robert Isaac
        Volvo Owners Club


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          Many hosting companies actually have PHP4 and PHP5 running at the same time on a single server (this is good for shared servers). Other hosting companies allow you to choose one or the other.

          In my mind they are just asking for trouble by only allowing PHP4. New security problem will only be addressed in PHP5. So as time goes by it gets more and more risky to run the unpatched software.

          Regardless of all this, it is clear that some people are stuck on PHP4. And if we can, we want to avoid the support issues, and enlarge our market, by providing support for PHP4 if we can.


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            As of V6.0 build 1008 (download latest build here),

            Zoom V6 now officially supports both PHP4 and PHP5

            We have rewritten parts of the PHP script so that it will be compatible with both PHP4 and PHP5, in response to popular demand.

            Please let us know if you have any problems with the new release.
            Wrensoft Web Software
            Sydney, Australia
            Zoom Search Engine