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v5.1 not working well after move to https

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  • v5.1 not working well after move to https

    Hi, we have 2000+ pages and have been using Zoom as our search software for well over 10 years now, since moving to https the zoom has started skipping some pages. The zoom_wordmap.zdat file dropped from 4mb to around 3mb and search results are unreliable. Is this a known issue that is fixed in v6 or 7? we're using the cgi/linux platform and spider mode to index the site.

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    It might be that your website is interchangeably using http:// and https:// style URLs. Try changing your base URL to accommodate this by using semi-colon delimited multiple base URLs. For example,;

    This base URL would allow for links with both prefixes to be considered part of the same site.

    Having said that, V5.1 is as you noted, quite old, and no longer supported. Off the top of my head, I can't quite confirm if this feature was in V5. But I believe it's likely.
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