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Feature Request: Support for synonyms with spaces

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  • Feature Request: Support for synonyms with spaces

    Hello, are you planning to add support for synonyms with spaces in them? Right now, this feature is very limiting. For example, I can't even create synonyms for the keyword blu-ray right now ("blu ray", "blue ray"... all have a space). I have found the suggested work around for this, such as incorporating the synonyms within the actual page meta keywords, but this is not the best solution - it is exacly what it's called - a workaround.

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    This is more complicated than it seems, because a synonym with a space in it is really two words, or an "exact phrase" to be precise. The search mechanism does not allow this to be handled easily, and it is very different from synonym support for single words. We have considered it in the past, but it is technically difficult and expensive to implement at the moment.

    You may consider using "blu-ray" and specifying "blu" as a synonym for it, which would allow "blu ray" to match.
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      Add me to list

      This is very important. We have abbreviations such as AR = Accounts Receivable and AR = Accounts Payable. There is no other way of writing the expanded version. This is a HUGE issue that is going to impact the searchability of our site.


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        Can you add the abbreviations and phrases as meta data on the page?


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          I know this is a very old thread, but I've the same Issue and we're avoiding pdf metadata because of maintenance issues... is it actually possible to use exact phrases as synonyms?


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            Synonyms only work with words, not phrases.

            You can use .desc files instead of adding meta-data of the PDF. So you don't need to edit the PDF.