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Discontinuing development on Flying Ant

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  • Discontinuing development on Flying Ant

    Starting today, 25/Oct/2018, we'll no longer be doing new development or selling the FlyingAnt web server software.

    A decade ago, this type of light weight web server made some sense for offline searching of documents on CDs. But as time goes by the internet & virtual private networks have become ubiquitous. The 'cloud' has come into being and CD/DVDs are falling by the wayside. There are also now options to run free full web servers (like Apache or its variants) directly on a USB drive.

    Sales have been low, very low, just a couple of licenses over the last 6 months. So much so that we can't justify any new development.

    The web page will remain live, at least for a year or so, to help existing customers.

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    A shame but entirely understandable. Mine is still used to occasionally by me to run a local copy of the web site I maintain before publishing changes to the real servers. But your correct, it hasn't been used for shipped CDs/DVDs in a long time.
    Mark Gallagher


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      A local copy of the Apache web server is probably a better choice for this.


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        Thanks David for the heads up on Flying Ant. I have been using it for many years on portable USB drives. Do you have any instructions for moving to another option such as the Apache web server that you mentioned above. It would really help me and may be a useful FAQ. Many thanks


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          Try Googling, Portable Web Server. There are some options for Server2Go and XAMPP for this.


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            Many Thanks David for your advice. Ally