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    Just a dummy question: is there a way to run my own cgi script with FlyingAnt Server V1 ?
    I know the server is designed for Zoom search engine but I 'd like to add more fonctionnalities to a cd-rom (glossary etc)

    Thank you

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    We haven't done much testing with other cgi scripts in FlyingAnt ourselves, however there should be no problems running them. You should just be able to place them somewhere under the website root and then call them as you normally would. Note however that if you want your CD to be cross platform you will need to have a version of the cgi compiled for each platform you are targeting and then alias them like we have done with the zoom cgi like this.

    aliases /zoom/search.cgi=/zoom/search_linux.cgi

    This line is in the Linux conf file and redirects calls to /zoom/search.cgi (which doesn't exist) to the Linux specific zoom cgi module.


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      Sounds good
      I'll give a feedback after a few tests with the demo version.
      Thank you


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        I should note that while FlyingAnt can run CGI's this doesn't imply that it will execute a Perl script. Perl and CGI are different things, but many people have them confused.