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FlyingAnt CD Web Server V1.0 Release Announcement

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  • FlyingAnt CD Web Server V1.0 Release Announcement

    Wrensoft is pleased to announce the first release of FlyingAnt CD Web Server.

    FlyingAnt Server is lightweight cross-platform CD/DVD web server. It is designed to be used together with Zoom Search Engine to create CD's with powerful search functionality.

    By using FlyingAnt CD Web Server in conjunction with Zoom Search Engine you can,

    * Add search functionality to your CD/DVD
    * Search thousands of documents in seconds on CD.
    * Search the contents of HTML, Word, XLS, PDF files and more on CD
    * Serve files from a CD, DVD or USB drive to a browser.

    In addition to this the FlyingAnt Server,

    * Is Lightweight, uses very little system resources when running
    * Is cross-platform compatible, the same CD can run on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows systems.
    * Is fast to start up and doesn't require files to be installed on hard disk.
    * Can auto-run the CD when the OS allows.

    Typical Uses

    Product catalogues
    Publish your product catalogue on CD and allow your customers and sales agents to search your product range without being connected to the internet.

    Reference documents & technical documents on CD / DVD
    Publish your reference documents on a CD or DVD. Allow customers to search through vast quantities of information from their desktop. Search gigabytes of data in seconds without the need for a network connection or installation of software on the PC.

    More Information

    Click here to see a comparison of FlyingAnt against other CD search solutions.

    For more information and downloadable examples please visit

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    It is very nice software, is there updated version developed by company for IOS and Android OS


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      Most iOS and Android devices don't support CDROM. Most don't even support a USB drive. So it doesn't make sense.